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Russian Banja

Russian Banja

The Russian bathhouse is waiting for you, "Whoever steams in the bath, he does not age!" That's what folk wisdom says, and not without good reason! Systematically visiting a bath, you can get rid of toxins and slags, increase skin elasticity, relax and much more. In La Belle bathhouse you can come with your friends, rent a steam room for everyone, talk and relax.

There are different bathing traditions, and here you will choose what you like.
The most familiar thing we know is the traditional Russian bathhouse. It optimally combines temperature and steam levels, so that it is not only pleasant to the body, but also has a therapeutic effect on the respiratory system.
In LaBelle, you can visit the traditional wood-burning sauna - a centuries-old and particularly pleasant experience for the city's residents. Of all the varieties of saunas and baths, it gives us the greatest sense of unity with nature, thanks to the smell of natural wood, the sound and persistent heat from the wood burning in the sauna heater.

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, you can choose fresh brooms to create a true bathing atmosphere. And after a hot bath such a pleasure to plunge into a font with cool water! In between visits to the steam room you can use the lounge room, where you can enjoy the broth of mountain herbs or if you like it more - amber beer, which we often hold promotions - "the fourth mug as a gift".

And of course you can bring food and drinks with you.

Plan your vacation in advance - book a wood-burning sauna by phone:

74-11-70, 8-9062-338-338

We're still waiting for you at your address:

Guryevsk Kaliningrad highway 15″3″ from 12.00 to 03.00

Additional information:

As of June 1, 2019, we are opening 2 swimming pools and 1 hall on the street for field check-in

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